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The foundation and primary area of expertise for NIS Ltd. Investigative Services Division is surveillance. Covert video surveillance is the best method of obtaining an objective, accurate, detailed, and documented version of events, and version of a person's lifestyle and physical capabilities or restrictions. NIS Ltd. specializes in the provision of video surveillance services to the insurance and legal industries. Our surveillance operations system emphasizes pre-surveillance intelligence gathering and assessments, which in turn enable us to better plan and execute the actual surveillance phase of an operation. This results in cost-effective operations with maximized efficiency and strategic advantages.

Each NIS Ltd. surveillance specialist is extensively trained in a wide variety of surveillance techniques and tactics, and has a superb knowledge of all applicable statutes and other restrictions which must be considered during the conduct of surveillance. Our operatives are all equipped with state of the art communication and video surveillance equipment, and all receive ongoing training in the latest surveillance techniques. All NIS Ltd. surveillance specialists act with a high degree of ethics, integrity, skill, and knowledge, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the NIS Ltd. Corporate Priority of providing our clients with the ability to make informed decisions on actionable results. Rest assured that when NIS Ltd. has the privilege of acting on your firm's behalf, your firm's professional reputation and image will be protected and preserved.

NIS Ltd. surveillance reports are regarded as the industry standard in terms of detail and accuracy. A consistent feature of our concise reports are a well summarized synopsis of the overall investigation, making readers instantly aware of the overall case results prior to reading the precise, day by day investigative details of the reports. NIS Ltd. surveillance reports always include a knowledgeable recommendation of further investigative handling, keeping in mind at all times the best interests of our clientele. At NIS Ltd., we know that the best way to keep our existing clients and gain new ones is to build on our reputation of cost-effectiveness, providing our optimized results and evidence in a timely manner. Fiscal responsibility to our clients is a priority. A sample report in PDF format is available by Email.

Robert Loncaric, NIS Ltd. Director of Technology and Evidence Management, has implemented an evidence management system that ensures NIS Ltd. clients that all investigative materials are obtained, utilized, stored, and disclosed in strict accordance with all relevant statutes, and in accordance with court rules of evidence and procedure. Particular attention has been taken to the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as the implementation of a company privacy code in compliance with the Canadian Standards Association's Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.