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NIS Ltd. provides a variety of risk management consulting and investigative services. When you employ NIS Ltd. investigation services, you can be comfortable in knowing that your company will be professionally represented at all times in the field, preserving corporate image and reputation. NIS Ltd. investigation staff are skilled, trained, and experienced, making all operatives reliable for making informed, correct, and legally sound decisions as circumstances present themselves. All staff are capable of handling the most complex and challenging investigations, and all are capable of providing solid representation of the insurer's interests via professional court testimony and presentation of evidence.

In addition to their professional backgrounds and experience, all NIS Ltd. investigation staff are equipped with state of the art surveillance technology, as well as a comprehensive pre-investigation background report and tactical execution plan. Individual skills, training, equipment, and knowledge, combined with NIS Ltd. standard investigation protocol and support, make NIS Ltd. operatives able to adapt to situations as they may arise, and able to make knowledgeable and proper assessments on action in the field with minimal supervision.

NIS Ltd. is a full service investigation firm, offering the following insurance investigation services, with a global investigative capability. NIS Ltd. works in association with a solid network of specialized, court-qualified experts to provide support.