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Reports & Evidence Procedures

Robert Loncaric, NIS Ltd. Director of Field Operations, has specialized in the conduct of insurance-related investigations, civil investigations, and criminal investigations in excess of fourteen years. His vast wealth of experience, specialized training, investigative knowledge, and superior knowledge of court rules of evidence and procedure, have combined to form the basis of NIS Ltd.'s standardized reporting and evidence procedures. As outlined previously, in regards to issues pertaining to chain of command and structure of the field operations system at NIS Ltd., accountability is of primary importance in the planning and execution of an investigation assignment, as well as in the reporting of the assignment and the storage or handling of evidence.

NIS Ltd. Field Operatives are required to submit detailed and comprehensive reporting of their investigative activities on a daily basis. Their notes and evidentiary materials are received and reviewed initially by a NIS Ltd. Field Supervisor and/or the Director of Field Operations. Investigator reports are subsequently entered into the NIS Ltd. main computer system. If CaseWatch™ access was requested by the client, the daily investigation report is available for viewing online within twenty-four hours. Evidentiary materials are secured as early as possible at NIS Ltd. head office, in secure, fire-proof storage facilities. Evidence is handled and stored in strict adherence and accountability to the NIS Ltd. protocol regarding chain of evidence and storage of evidence mandates.

Upon completion of an investigative assignment, reports are completed by the primary investigator. Upon completion of the report, the report is reviewed for quality, comprehensiveness, and accuracy by a NIS Ltd. Field Supervisor and/or the Director of Field Operations. Handling and storage of evidentiary materials is reviewed and supervised by Field Supervisors, NIS Ltd. office staff, and either the Director of Technology & Evidence Management or the Director of Field Operations.

Reports of which are approved by appropriate levels of NIS Ltd. staff, after careful review, are then prepared for disclosure to the client. CaseWatch™ clients will have access to completed reports and video online. A hard copy of the report is sent via courier, along with evidentiary materials. Original video evidence is retained by NIS Ltd. and is stored in secure, fireproof storage facilities. Original, handwritten notes are retained by NIS Ltd. and are stored in secure, fireproof storage facilities. Video footage is available in VHS, CD, or DVD formats. All reports are prepared with the knowledge that it may be utilized for the purposes of contemplated litigation, and that it may be entered as evidence in court. Special attention is made to maintaining the privilege status of each investigation report and evidentiary materials. No reports or materials are released to a third party at any time, unless specifically directed by the client.


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