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President & Director of Field Operations

Robert Loncaric, President and Director of Field Operations, is a globally-respected and trusted investigator who has specialized in the conduct of insurance and legal investigations since 1990. Mr. Loncaric has served insurers, law firms, government agencies, and private sector clientele with his expertise on matters all over the globe. He has a proven ability, skill, and knowledge to conduct thorough and effective investigations under the most difficult circumstances, always acting in the best interests of insurers and legal counsel, with unequalled tenacity, ethics, integrity, and professionalism.


Robert Loncaric commenced his investigative career in 1990, and since such time has specialized in the handling of investigations and surveillance pertaining to insurance and legal matters. During his career he has become a preferred investigator for insurers and legal counsel, and has handled investigations on a global scale. He is recognized as an elite investigator with a proven track record of actionable results. Mr. Loncaric has directly handled or supervised the conduct of over 3000 investigations in his career. He has successfully completed investigative assignments in Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Serbia-Montenegro. Mr. Loncaric was the first investigator in British Columbia to be recognized by the United States Department of Homeland Security as qualified for a L1A visa status, allowing him to legally perform his investigative functions in both Canada and the United States of America.


Mr. Loncaric is an expert interviewer and interrogator, and has handled hundreds of insurance field interview requests with great success, being extremely knowledgeable of all issues pertaining to eligibility, contestability, and disqualification. He has also successfully conducted interviews pertaining to a homicide investigation, the results of which were successfully entered as primary evidence in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Mr. Loncaric has an excellent knowledge of all relevant municipal, provincial and federal statutes, as well as court procedure and rules of evidence. Such expertise is implemented into the NIS Ltd. system of investigative protocol, and is strictly adhered to by all employees and investigative staff.


Mr. Loncaric has represented the investigation industry as a guest in popular media in Vancouver, answering questions from the public, and he has presented on the topics of insurance related investigations and privacy at professional conferences. Mr. Loncaric has researched and written several articles on the topics of privacy laws, investigation tactics and techniques, and how such relate to the insurance and legal industries.


Director of Investigative Services

James C. (Jim) Westman possesses an exemplary background in law enforcement with thirty-two meritorious years of service as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Quickly recognized for his intuition and competence, Mr. Westman was immediately assigned to the Security and Intelligence Branch in Ottawa upon completion of basic training. He would go on to spend fourteen years with RCMP intelligence, both in Ottawa and in Vancouver, where he supervised investigations involving such potentially volatile issues as organized crime, counter-espionage, counter-subversion, and narcotics trafficking.  Mr. Westman’s impressive career in policing earned him continued praise and promotion, which culminated in the distinguished and well-deserved rank of Staff Sergeant.


Following Mr. Westman’s unparalleled vocation with the RCMP, he established what would readily become one of the most well-respected private investigation firms in the metropolitan Vancouver region. It was here that his diligence, professionalism, and unfailing knowledge base earned him an enviable reputation throughout the industry as a preferred resource for sensitive and complicated legal matters such as external investigations on behalf of the Provincial Police Complaints Commissioner.   It was this reputation that brought Mr. Westman together with National Investigation Services Ltd: a firm intent on offering its clientele the best investigative resources available. 


Mr. Westman is an integral member of the NIS Ltd. team of investigative professionals, unmatched for his level of investigative experience and his understanding of legal process.  His encompassing range of specialization includes surveillance, computer fraud investigation, forensic data recovery, interviewing and assessment, witness locates, and corporate due diligence, just to name a few.  His impressive educational history includes studies at Carlton University as well as a plethora of training certificates from the RCMP too numerous to list.


With his proven capacity to manage personnel, Mr. Westman’s role of Director of Investigative Services ensures that the requirements of NIS Ltd. clientele are attended to in a timely and economically-efficient manner.  Mr. Westman is also responsible for ensuring that all NIS Ltd. investigative personnel adhere to the high standards, ethics, and professionalism dictated by NIS Ltd. internal investigation protocol.  His in-depth knowledge of rules of evidence, criminal and civil procedure, and the vast array of statutes influencing the investigative industry, allows NIS Ltd. to guarantee that  investigations are carried out in a manner that would preserve our clients’ interests and reputation.  National Investigation Services Ltd. is honoured to have Mr. Westman as a member of our team of investigative professionals, which includes a diverse group of individuals possessing a wide-variety of specialized experience and expertise.


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