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Quality Control Measures

In addition to the chain-of-command and accountability procedures outlined previously, NIS Ltd. has implemented a strict quality-control policy, of which all NIS Ltd. staff members are required to adhere to. Investigations are quality-controlled at all stages, commencing immediately upon receipt of the investigative assignment. Each NIS Ltd. staff member who has contact with an investigative file, is handling that file in accordance with NIS Ltd. standard operating procedures and investigation protocol. Quality of performance of individuals in the field is controlled by the performance requirements we adhere to, their requirements to adhere to Field Supervisor's directions, and their ultimate accountability to the Director of Field Operations and the Director of Technology & Evidence Management.

At NIS Ltd. we have a strict protocol which dictates that no investigation report be sent out, unless the quality standards set in our standard operating procedures have been met. Such procedures relate to the planning, implementation, and execution of an investigation operation, as well as the minimum standards of reporting quality and comprehensiveness. All investigations and reports are reviewed and approved by senior NIS Ltd. staff, after careful review and assessment of its quality and adherence to our investigation protocols. Ultimately, NIS Ltd. Corporate Officers Robert Loncaric and Robert Loncaric assume all responsibility for the quality of investigations and reports at NIS Ltd. As such, both Corporate Officers maintain an active role in the operations in the field, as well as the administrative operations at NIS Ltd. head office.


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