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Polygraph Examinations

When a specific and identifiable incident occurs, the polygraph examination technique can prove to be the most effective means available to determine the credibility of a person's statements. Prior to engaging in a polygraph examination, a polygraph expert from NIS Ltd. will meet in person with the client in order to obtain a complete history of the particular case background information. Following such meeting, a pre-test interview with the subject will be conducted, during which time the examiner will discuss the issues under investigation, thoroughly review all test questions, and make assessments regarding the individual, including his or her emotional and physiological suitability to take the polygraph test. After testing, a review and interpretation of the polygraph charts will lead the polygraph examiner to reach one of three conclusions: that the subject is telling the truth; that the subject is not telling the truth; or that the results are inconclusive. A complete and comprehensive NIS Ltd. Polygraph Examination Report will be provided expeditiously upon conclusion of the testing.


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