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Property Loss

NIS Ltd. investigative staff have extensive experience and training in the investigation of the loss or destruction of property. Such investigations can be quite complex, and may require the coordination of specific experts who would operate under the direction of senior NIS Ltd. case managers. NIS Ltd. has working relationships with court-qualified experts who may be required for such an investigation, and has conducted thorough screening and verifications of credentials and experience prior to becoming affiliated with such experts. The following services are available in regards to Property Loss Investigations. A thorough, tenacious investigation by NIS Ltd., documented in a precise and comprehensive report, can found an informed analysis and resolution of property claims. All NIS Ltd. investigators are experts in court rules of evidence, procedure, and testimony.

  • Witness Locates
  • Witness Statements, Interviews, and Evaluation
  • Insured Interviews
  • Financial Background Investigation
  • Motive
  • Reputation of Claimant
  • Background Profiles of Suspects
  • Theft and Fire Loss Investigations
  • Bond Losses
  • Background Investigation Regarding Ownership and Use of Property
  • Determination of Condition of Property Prior to Loss
  • Investigation and Determination of Property Values Prior to Loss
  • Video Documentation of Property Loss

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