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NIS Ltd., in its prioritization of providing the best in customer service to its clientele, is proud to introduce CaseWatch™. CaseWatch™ is a secure and convenient way for insurance professionals to manage their investigative files, and to obtain access to the latest legal and insurance educational materials. CaseWatch™ allows insurance professionals to save time and increase productivity by providing the following features:

  • Access daily surveillance video footage online
  • Order investigation assignments online
  • Monitor the status of ongoing investigation assignments online
  • Access daily investigation status reports online
  • Immediate notification by e-mail of entry of new investigation notes or video footage
  • View past reports and invoices
  • View current invoice status
  • Make comments or provide further investigative handling instructions

Access to our Secured CaseWatch™ site requires Username/Password AND your Personal Certificate. Personal Certificates are issued by an employee of NIS Ltd. at our location and ensures that only those authorized have the appropriate access. All transactions while accessing the CaseWatch™ site will be encrypted utilizing an industry standard 128-bit encryption key. This ensures all data transmitted between your computer and our secure server is scrambled while in transit. All �aged' client information stored in CaseWatch™ will be removed on a periodic basis, or as requested by our clients.

CaseWatch™ provides quicker delivery of requests, and saves our clients valuable time, by reducing the need for telephone calls, faxes, follow-up calls, and unnecessary paper handling.


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