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File Management

Upon receipt of an investigative assignment by a NIS Ltd. customer service representative or investigative staff member, the information provided is utilized to create a confidential NIS Ltd. Investigative Assignment File. The file is then distributed to the appropriate Division Manager, usually the Director of Field Operations or a Field Supervisor. The materials are then assessed, and the file is assigned to an appropriate Field Supervisor or individual Field Operative team member. The handling investigator may be selected specifically in consideration of his or her location, experience, or expertise of which may make him or her suited to meet operation-unique requirements. A pre-investigation report and intelligence gathering is conducted in order to maximize tactical advantages in the subsequent execution of the investigative operation, optimizing the eventual cost-effectiveness of the operation at the same time.

Once the investigation is assigned to an investigator, the Field Supervisor in charge will directly supervise the conduct of the assignment and provide daily reports to NIS Ltd. Director of Field Operations. Daily investigator notes are entered into the file's database, usually the same day, as is the video footage obtained. Investigator notes and video are both available for access by our CaseWatch™ clientele within twenty-four hours of completion of that particular investigative day. Non-CaseWatch clientele may have updates provided via other secure means, the frequency of which will be dictated by each individual client.

Primary investigators complete a detailed, comprehensive report and evidence package. After review by the responsible Field Supervisor and/or the Director of Field Operations, as well as by office reporting staff, the materials are sent via courier to the client. CaseWatch™ clientele may access completed reports and video footage securely online, if desired. Upon completion of an investigative assignment, all evidentiary materials, investigator notes, and other file information is subsequently placed in NIS Ltd. secure, locked, fire-proof storage facilities. Included in these materials is a backup CD or DVD containing materials kept on the NIS Ltd. main computer system.


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