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Actionable Results For Informed Decisions

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Actionable Results for Informed Decisions

Information and evidence obtained by an investigator acting as an agent or representative of an insurer or legal counsel must be obtained in a lawful manner. In order for the insurer or legal counsel to make informed decisions, the information and evidence presented by the investigator must be that of which they can validate their subsequent actions.

NIS Ltd. is in the business of providing its clientele actionable results of which provide the sound legal foundation for their subsequent informed decisions.

Unscrupulous and unethical investigators who violate applicable privacy laws and other statutes potentially place their clients in a position facing further liability exposure. At NIS Ltd. we are committed to performing all investigative tasks in a manner of which the results are open and accountable under the most intense legal scrutiny possible. Such a policy ensures our clientele that they may make informed decisions in the administration of their claims or legal files based on legally obtained and actionable results.