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National Investigation Services Ltd. is a progressive and elite private investigation firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. NIS Ltd. is comprised of a diverse team of experienced professionals with lengthy law enforcement, insurance claims management, and private investigation experience. Higher education and secondary language skills are the norm for our staff. NIS Ltd. is a partner to the insurance industry in its fight against fraud, and also provides a wide variety of risk management consulting and field services. NIS Ltd. also serves the legal industry in a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation support services. Our firm specializes in the conduct of insurance-related investigations, surveillance, and various field services. NIS Ltd. routinely handles matters of high sensitivity and potential litigation exposure, and obtains all evidence in a legal, court-accepted manner. At all times, NIS Ltd. acts in the best interests of its clientele, with a high standard of ethics and integrity, and with awareness to any and all potential liabilities.

At NIS Ltd. our high standards of recruitment and background screening of agents ensure a staff of highly educated, skilled, and experienced personnel with the highest standards of integrity. NIS Ltd. investigative and support staff come from a variety of cultural, educational, and work-experience backgrounds, providing a capability of suiting individual investigators to specialized investigative needs. Our success is reflected in the longevity of our relationships with a long list of clientele of well-known insurance companies and legal counsel. The cornerstone of our success is our superior investigative staff. Proof of this exceptional quality is in the contributions our investigations consistently make to the outcome of our clients' claims and their ability to make informed decisions through the actionable results we obtain.

NIS Ltd. is government licensed, bonded, and insured. NIS Ltd. prides itself upon fiscal responsibility and accountability to its clients. A complimentary consultation without obligation will be provided to clarify the nature of any investigation request, to determine any legalities of which must be considered prior to investigation, and to confirm the most cost-effective and tactically correct method of proceeding with any potential assignment. NIS Ltd. and its personnel conduct all investigations within established legal constraints and privacy legislation and will not deviate from this policy under any circumstances.